November 25, 2004



monkey love, in fact.

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November 15, 2004

after the pixies

after the pixies

look at how many $6 mgd's and lites were consumed! yikes.

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November 12, 2004

a little bit rock and roll

a little bit rock and roll

yes, donny, it is.

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November 09, 2004

weiner newsflash.

I just found this.

apparently, people in the south are putting mayonnaise on their hot dogs!

i need to get started on my hot dog page right away.

also, texas and iowa have no business 'laying claim to the corn dog'. that title belongs to cozy dog, in springfield. it's right on route 66. texas and iowa can have their bibles - we get the corn dog.

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November 08, 2004

best political signs ever

on november 4th, apparently some of my uppity republican neighbors complained about the best political signs ever. you can click the thumbnail to see our two windows in their full former glory as our democratic hero and would-be hero watched over lawrence avenue.

my resourceful and clever boyfriend used the rasterbator and the new laser printer at his job to create 5 x 7 foot images of kerry and obama. They were each constructed of 42 sheets of letter-sized paper.

if only we'd lived in ohio - perhaps we could've made a real difference. the lights we put behind them in the evening gave them an iconic, almost religious presence floating 40 feet above the earth.

in the meantime, i'm in love with whoever did this. also, i'm in a state of shock from learning that my 21 year old female cousin voted for w.

at least mayor daley will keep us safe.

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November 05, 2004

the original dog

so, here's my dog from nathan's at coney island.

turns out that if you order everything there, you're only ordering your dog with onions (again, this is that saucy tomatoey onion mixture - only these onions aren't chopped) and sauerkraut.

you're in charge of your own ketchup and mustard.

being from chicago, i opted to skip the ketchup.

it was better than the dog i got in central park.

there you have it.

work has yet to commence on the 'everything in your town' page... but it's in the works. stay tuned.

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